Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wow, my blog still exists

So, years ago I went travelling, and I sent some friends of mine some emails from my travels, and some of my friends liked my emails, and some of them said, 'Wow, I really like your emails, you should make a blog out of them'.

So I made a blog, and quite literally *no-one* read it.  To be honest I did just copy and paste the contents of my emails into my blog and put very little effort into presentation or readability, but still.  I must have been the least successful blogger in the history of blogging.  Even the spam-bots didn't bother with my blog.  Nary an offer to enlarge my p*nis did I receive.

So I didn't bother writing it, and nobody bothered reading it, and there the thing sat, unbeknownst to anyone, until tonight I wanted to tweet something that wouldn't fit into 140 characters.  It was something important to me that I wanted to get off my chest, and I asked myself what can I do with this thing that I have to get out?

Then I remembered this blog.

So any posts older than this one are part of a completely different thing, but I don't want to delete them.  Any posts newer than this one are part of something else entirely, but I don't know what it is yet.

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